Art related Experience:
15 years of General Art experience, both in corporate and freelance assignments.
Proficient in the use of industry related software, board, and by hand. Working for Fgrade Comic / Cult Creation Studio. Currently I have eight published comic book that I have illustrated along side half a dozen novel covers.

Field of work:
. Create custom art work
. Cartooning
. Comic Strips

. Storyboards (movie/ TV show)
. Design illustrations
. Children's book Illustrations
. Greeting Card Illustrations
. Create book covers
. Murals and Signs
. Digital Art
. Design exhibits, displays, vehicle graphics, signs & banners
. Color perspective renderings
. Completing presentations
. Vinyl letter application
. Photographic
. Instruction and assembly sheets design
. Create custom, specialty designs and branding for personal and corporate laptops.

Price Estimate
Please see the image below for prices. Every order is different so feel free to contact me for more information on prices, comic book prices, turnaround time.

Thank you!